Who we are

We are Loknar, a studio founded in 2014 with the sole desire to make games which we could stand confidently behind. We strive to create visualy appealing games with simple yet addictive gameplay. Our upcoming title, Alien Smash, is slated for release in April of 2017.

Alien Smash – graphics optimization with Unity Engine

The things we’re going to discuss in this short article are common knowledge to pretty much anyone who has made a game with Unity and taken the time to research entry level optimization techniques. However, We felt that it would be interesting to try and present our own approach with particular emphasis on our upcoming game, Alien Smash. Model Optimization Its good practice to always try and be as conservative as possible with polygons. You need to remember what you’re doing. If you’re making a prop, then pay attention to…read more

Alien Smash

Welcome to the Loknar blog! This being our first post its only right to make it about a game we’ve been developing for a while. Alien Smash is a free space adventure game for Android and iOS where you play an unseen overseer who helps a tiny alien as he endeavours through the galaxy discovering new worlds and himself! We think the trailer shows the game best. A few screenshots from the game: Couple 3d model shots: The game is slated to come out really soon so if you’d like…read more